What are the upper body exercises without weights

Upper Body Exercise
What's the best response to the question "What workout should I do?" Regardless of what gear you have available, from a fully-stocked supergym in nothing but your body weight, or your garage to a pair of dumbbells that are mismatched alone, you can build muscle, lose fat, and sculpt the physique you have always needed. There's no magic set and repetition prescription for building muscle. It turns out that when you look at some of the best muscle- and strength-building plans, they share a common trait: The absolute variety of repetitions for the primary exercises typically add up to around 25. Fire for your gains as well as this particular amount will add up too. HOW IT WORKS A moderate variety of low-repetition sets provide a mixture of volume and intensity, which has ever been related to size and strength gains. Almost any combination will all work: eight sets of three, or five sets of five, six sets of four allow you to place some work in with huge, challenging loads, and that's as much math as any meathead should need to do in the gym.
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DIRECTIONS The very first time you perform the work out, by finishing five sets of five, you'll hit 25 repetitions for the primary lifts, as demonstrated. Perform six sets of four reps should you repeat the workout. In the following session, do eight sets of three. Do not perform this workout more than twice weekly, and allow at least three days before repeating it. On each lift that you simply use the 25-rep rule for, spend the very first three or four sets warming up so that just the last two are done with heavy weights.
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